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During the course of the month school visit was conducted to the schools of all VCs registered with the organization.

Olamilekan Samad

The first VC in Ibadan who was also in school at the time of visit, he was found healthy and active. The organization was fortunate to visit at the time the school was undergoing end of term academic examination and was able to assess some of Samad’s performance which was very impressive and he passed them with flying colors. The school after the last visit also reported that he has been included in the school’s extracurricular activities such as the school’s inter-house sports competition in which the organization already paid for his sportswear. Towards the end of the month, it was reported by the VC’s mum that he has been given his new sport wear and she thank the organization for their support.

Lekan Samad in school


Elizabeth was the second VC that was visited in school and report from her class teacher was that she has improved in her academic performance. It was also reported by her mother that her sportswear was tight for her, so the organization paid a sum of #2000 for a new sportswear so as to make her feel among and participate with other kids in school.

Photo session with Elizabeth in school

Ope and Esther Alaba

The academic performance of the VCs in Ogun state have also improved as reported by their lesson teacher. A list of needs that was required by these VCs were reported by their grandma and the organization responded by paying for all that was required which includes: the VCs lesson fees for the rest of the term, school materials (uniform, socks and continuous assessment books), which all sum up to a total of #7100.


On the 15th of March, 2018, the executive director for AGF (Mr. Olatunbosun Bakare) and the program officer (Aminat Salami) visited three schools with VCs in Ibadan who were in need of support with their education. The schools include St. Stephen School Alegongo, IMG primary school I-IV. St. Andrews Basic School Araoje.


St Stephen School Alegongo

At St. Stephen School Alegongo, fifteen (15) children were provided with school materials including school bags, socks and notebooks. Three out of these children who are academically sound and ready to learn and of course vulnerable, were selected for enrollment and the common entrance fee for a student in primary six who was yet to pay due to financial issue ,was paid by the organization and also part of the selected students to be enrolled.

A photograph session of the VCs at St. Stephen School Alegongo and the founder of AGF

IMG primary school I-IV.

At IMG primary school, five (5) children who are in primary six (6) who have difficulty in paying for their common entrance examination, were supported by the organization, where the organization paid for all five of them and one of them who had no school uniform was bought one by the organization and selected for enrollment as a visit was scheduled to assess the parents/ caregiver of the child to be enrolled.

St. Andrews Basic School Araoje.

At St. Andrews primary school, a vulnerable child who has lost both of her parents and stays with her grandma (maternal) was also assessed and selected for enrollment. The vulnerable child Alimot is a 12yrs old girl who is in primary five and as reported by one of her teachers in school is a brilliant child who is ready to learn.


Representatives for the ministry of women affairs, Mrs. Obideji and her colleague visited the office during the course of the month to assess the office and also proffered necessary tools to be in place for the smooth running of the organization. They also advised that the organization add the history of child and all financial records of each child to their individual folders. Mrs. Obideji also noted that an agreement note should be developed by the organization in which will be signed by VC caregivers and household heads to initiate a formal agreement between the organization and the caregiver of the child or household head for official purpose.


The organization was in attendance at the AONN meeting Association of OVC NGO in Nigeria where the organization made enquiries related to registration with the body.


  1. It was observed from all the VCs to have improved on their studies even after been enrolled by the organization.
  2. The organization selected five new VCs to be enrolled in the organization

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