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Surname: Adewuyi

First name: Elizabeth

Year of enrollment: 2017

of birth: 24/11/2008

certificate: YES

Ijebu-ode- Ogun state

Mrs. Adewuyi (MOTHER)

Child history at enrollment in 2017:
Adewuyi Elizabeth is an eight (8) year old girl who has been out of school due
to financial instabilities. Elizabeth’s mum
Mrs. Adewuyi,
explained that Elizabeth has been out of school due
outstanding bills
brought down from last term, and can’t even afford to pay for the new term and
in addition, school books. She
added with bittered heart complained that all she does is
frying snacks for sale and cooked beans and rice being a widow with three (3)
kids and no family support
ever since she lost her husband,  after he was stopped from working at the State
Secretariat. Since then, she’s been fending for the family alone.

Mrs Adewuyi was asked how she would like to be
supported. She responded by saying she would like the fees of the child to be paid. The Executive director (Mr
then announced that the organization
(Aspiring Generation Foundation, AGF) is willing to help her sponsor the child’s
(Elizabeth) education by paying the school fees and other school materials not
directly though, but by funding the mother’s food selling business. Both mother
and child were happy and relieved. Pictures were taken afterward.


ADEWUYI ELIZABETH in her new school at Ijebu-ode as her mother relocated to lagos and she is now staying with a family friend at Ijebu-ode, Ogun state, where she schools at Aunty Wande nursery and primary school, and now in Basic 4 in the year 2019.



ADEWUYI ELIZABETH with the Executive Dirctor in person of Mr Mojeed Olatunbosun Bakare, during a rutine school visit and also attached is her performance over the year, at the end of the first session in 2018



Elizabeth after been enrolled into the Organization was enrolled back into school as a follow-up from the assessment visit, that was conducted by the Executive Director, in person of Mr Mojeed Olatunbosun Bakare. Miss Opeyemi, a volunteer was apointed to take charge of enrolling Elizabeth in school, at Frisky Kiddies school, where she has been attending before she stopped for almost a term, as her mother could not  afford to pay for the last term school fees. The organization provided money for the enrollment and other school materials in 2017



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