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Surname: Kehinde

First name: Samad

Year of enrollment: 2017

Date of birth: 03/06/2012

Birth certificate: YES

Address: Ibadan, Oyo State

Caregiver: Mrs. Kehinde (MOTHER)

School: Stepping Stones Group of Schools

Class: Kindergarten ii (KG 2)



Olalekan Samad is a five year old boy who lost his left leg as a result of accident. The mum Mrs. Abdullahi explained that lekan has been out of school since due to the accident, both her and his dad had spent all they had in the hospital, so they are so broke that they can’t afford to pay his school fee, and also the father’s work (carpenter) is not doing well. the father also on how well his business is doing and why he is not able to provide for his family. The father bitterly explained that his business is not doing fine, as a carpenter, contracts have not been coming in for him, the little income he gets goes for feeding.

The  mother’s was enquired about her job, She responded soberly that she was a small scale food stuffs seller, but spent all the fund for her business on her son’s accident. The executive director (Mr. Bakare) asked how the parents of the child would like to be supported. They responded that they would like their son to go back to school. Mr Olatunbosun then announced that the organisation (ASPIRING GENERATION FOUNDATION)  is willing to help them sponsor the child’s education by paying the school fees and other school materials. Both parents were happy and thankful. Pictures were taken afterwards.

Routine home visit conducted by the Program Officer to Kehinde Samad’s home, to check on his wellbeing and that of the household.
Routine school visist conducted by the Executive Director to Kehinde Samad in the year 2018, to check on his performance in school.
Kehind Samad and his parents after enrollment into the organization and enrollment back to school. The name of the school is Stepping Stone Groups of school, the school is a stone throw from the house.

Caregiver empowerment, also referred to household economic strengthening was included in the beneficiary support of Kehinde Samad’s Family in the month of September, 2018. Mrs Kehinde after hr needs assessment was support with a small petty trading in front of the house, where she can bea able to take care of the children, when it comes to feeding, and the household as a whole.

This is a picture of Samad’s Parents signing the agreement note that states that the organization have fully explained this consent note to the caregiver through information on our service provision and work focus, to make an informed decision on care of the child. In addition, the custody of the child remains with the caregiver who also has the right to withdraw the child from the organization when necessary.


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