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Surname: Mutiu

First name: Alimot

Year of enrollment: 2018

Date of birth: 5/12/2005

Birth certificate: YES

Address: Ibadan, Oyo State

Caregiver: Mrs. Mutiu (GRAND-MOTHER)

School: IMG school iii, Benyruka, Labiran Ibadan

Class: primary 6



Mutiu Alimot is a thirteen year old girl who is a double orphan but lives with her paternal grandma. The caregiver who is an old woman caters for Alimot’s wellbeing and also runs a shop in front of their house, where she sells fruits and vegetables, kolanuts, etc.) and has been taking care of Alimot since her mother’s death. She added that Alimot’s dad went away and has never been heard from.

It was observed that she needed school materials and the grandma compelled the organization to help support her that ever since Alimot’s resumption in school, as she has assisted her up till primary five and still seek for help so they can feed well also. She also mentioned that she has been supported by her class teacher, a volunteer in the school and the school on its own.

The executive director affirmed that the organization will enroll the child and the grandma signed on the organization’s agreement note which she did.

Routine visist conducted by the Executive Director to Mutiu Alimot’s caregiver in the month of January 2019 to check on her wellbeing, as Alimot was not at home at the moment.
A snapshot of Mutiu Alimot and her last session result from Primary 5 to Primary 6, also attached is a picture showing the school materials provided by the organization, for the new session.
A routine home visits conducted by the Program Officer to Mutiu Alimot’s household after the process of enrollment, as recommended by the school voulnteer, Mrs Opeyemi. The organization, also empowered the caregiver, who has intrest in selling fruits and vegetables, kolanuts and the likes.

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